What's Apple's Other Giant New Data Center For?

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Apple's ginormous data center in North Carolina has—or had?—been shrouded in mystery for some time now. But did you know that they just inked a deal on another iData haven, nearly as big, in SoCal? But what for?


The new servers aren't homegrown this time; Apple's leasing the space from a third party, and the square footage isn't on the same scale as the NC data center. As for its primary role, Datacenter Knowledge speculates that it's likely going to be backing up its east coast counterpart. Which is to say, it keeps Apple's future cloud from being limited to one physical location.


So! As far as what exactly that backup entails, we won't know until the iCloud reveals itself fully. But that doesn't mean we don't have our guesses.

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Occupy Gizmodo

I wonder how many Xserves Apple's using at these data centers... Zing!