What's New in Android 2.2

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Android 2.2 is here. We've been using it with Flash 10.1 and it is nicer than 2.1 in some small, but key ways. Like built-in tethering and Wi-Fi hotspot powers. Oh, and Flash.


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Besides the stuff that's visible, like the new homescreen widget and Android that greets you the first time you boot the phone, obviously a lot of the work is under the hood. It's all about speed, as you might've heard. It's hard to accurately gauge that for a couple of reasons—we've been using a pre-release build of Froyo, so things will probably get better before the final, and we didn't install any apps, at the behest of Adobe, since we were testing Flash 10.1 on this unit—but Google promises 2x-5x faster thanks to a just in time compiler. Overall, for us, the experience seemed about the same as 2.1 on the Nexus One, though there might've a bit more smoothness to transitions and animations.

We'll update with anything else we notice that's new too.


Yahweh Took My Prepuce

I don't suppose the tethering automatically registers as normal data usage? That's the one thing I love about my iPhone 3G— thanks either to the old benm.at certificate installation or the MyWi app in Rock, I'm able to tether and tap into the unlimited data plan for which I already pay (I know, I know, I'm sure it's contractually an unlimited data plan for "one device not providing service to another"). I'd be less eager about jumping onto a sexy Android phone or an iPhone 4.0 if it meant having no choice but to pay for tethering/wi-fi spot-making.