What's the First Thing You Ever Pirated?

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Tell us about your dark past ... with downloading and sharing media or software. What's the first thing you ever pirated? Were you sharing something you'd bought legally, or were you getting something for free?

Pirating technology has come a long way since the early Napster days. Our torrent clients are even secretly mining Bitcoin! Hopefully our tastes have matured along with our downloading options. In fact, dear reader, I am sure you have impeccable taste right now. How do I know this? For STARTERS you have landed upon mine own blog out of all the blogs on the internet. Kudos!

But what I'm really interested in is your more embarrassing digital history. Was your first act of piracy as bad as mine? I Napster'd the 2001 live Superbowl version of Aerosmith's "Wall This Way" feat. Britney Spears and NSYNC and burned it to several mixed CDs for friends and personal use.


Was it the Bloodhound Gang? A handheld cam version of Avatar? SMASHMOUTH?? Or are you some fancy anomaly who got their pirate start by downloading a tastefully curated collection of Coltrane B-sides and Kubrick director's cuts? Please take a trip down memory lane with a detour down Kazaa Lite Avenue with me.

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