What's the Most Enjoyably Terrifying Animal-Attack Movie Ever Made?

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Last week, Zoo was the second-most watched show in America. Yep, the silliest show on TV is a huge hit. Clearly, the people have spoken, and what they’re saying is: We can’t get enough of ANIMALS ATTACKING! But this genre is hardly new, with some of its finest examples hitting (drive-in) theaters decades ago.

So now that B-movies are back, and have gone CBS-level mainstream, it’s time to open the floor and discuss all the best/worst animal-attack films of all time. Personally, I’m fond of 1977 Fido-bites-back thriller The Pack (“they’re not pets ... anymore!”), starring the great Joe Don Baker and some of Hollywood’s finest canine thespians:

Honorable mention, because holy crap this comically enigmatic trailer for 1972’s Night of the Lepus is wonderful:

What say you, animal-attack genre buffs? Share your picks (and images, gifs, trailers, and clips) in the comments.