What's Your Favorite Tech to Bring Traveling?

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Asking for a friend.

The truth is that I haven’t taken a proper vacation in years, and a lot of my travel tech is out-of-date. The last time I left the country, for example, it would’ve cost an astronomical amount to use an American-based phone abroad. But plans and options have changed, and it may not make sense to do what I did ages ago, which was buy a cheap phone and a sim card upon arrival at my destination.


I’m also curious about your favorite laptops, tablets and cameras to travel with, and if any apps or services have been such life or time-savers that you can’t imagine adventuring without them. On the other side of the spectrum, maybe you’ve found yourself going low-tech for vacation—cutting the cords and bringing not much more than paperbacks and sunglasses. Tell us how you outfit yourself for planes, trains and automobiles.

Seasoned travelers, what say you?



Simply because it confuses the hell out of the TSA agent.