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Whazatt Chicken Foot Drive, WhazTF?

Illustration for article titled Whazatt Chicken Foot Drive, WhazTF?

I was just sitting here thinking that what I really need is a flash drive that looks like a chicken foot and damned if one doesn't show up. Whazatt has a suitably weird flash drive sporting 1GB of flash storage inside and taking the form of a chicken foot that could have come right off the set of Prison Break.


Voodoo types looking for a geeky offering to the computer gods can use this $44.95 flash drive with both Mac and Windows computers. The chicken foot is ABS plastic while the flash portion is in a die-cast housing. I find the packaging to be better than the actual product, the picture of a chicken bleeding from his bloody nub is worth an award or something. [Whazatt]

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Priceless!!! That would look HILARIOUS sticking out the side or back of your notebook! LOL =)