When a Keyboard Loves a Game Controller, Veho's Mimi Pops Out

Luckily for you, your new HTCP controller comes pre-named: meet Mimi. She costs $145, and lets you surf the internet on your TV without the painstaking juggle of a keyboard and mouse plugged in. Veho has seen fit to add a mouse to the keyboard and gamepad, plus two joysticks and digital buttons to boot.

It might look like it lost a fight between an Xbox 360 controller and a keyboard, but there are enough buttons on there to suit any command. It works with both Mac and PC (by plugging in a USB dongle), from up to 10 meters away, and the battery is good for 20 hours—which might be long enough for a Call of Duty 4 sesh. [Firebox via Everything USB via Engadget]


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