When dinosaurs team up with lasers, you're basically screwed

This is my favorite scene from the Roger Corman film Raptor — which is basically an ultra-cheap Jurassic Park rip-off starring Eric Roberts and a bunch of people you've never heard of. In this scene, a researcher working on a project to breed dinosaurs has lost sight of the mission — so he has to be disposed of, using a combination of dinosaurs and lasers. Death by dino/laser combo attack — is there anything more awesome?


Welcome to the latest in an ongoing series of "movies that I found on DVD for a dollar."

The dinosaurs in Raptor — who are apparently all Roger Corman's sons in suits, according to the DVD director's commentary — actually look pretty decent. And there are some pretty great scenes of them bursting out of egg delivery trucks and attacking people. (I'm still not sure why the dinosaur was in an egg truck — maybe they put a dinosaur egg in with the chicken eggs, and it hatched during the delivery route?) Also, Corbin Bernsen is predictably awesome as a beret-addicted mad scientist who masterminds the whole Jurassic disaster. According to this article, Raptor actually reuses footage from two of Corman's Carnosaur movies — but I hadn't seen those, so it was all new and shiny, as far as I was concerned.

My other favorite dinosaur attack in the film is this one, where Eric Roberts and his new girlfriend get in an elevator, and the dinosaur bites through the elevator cable! And then the elevator plummets — only to land, gently, at a floor that you can get off on.

Later, a female scientist who's also having second thoughts about the "breeding dinosaurs" thing gets into that same elevator to try and escape. Leading to the most over-the-top scene of dismemberment and evisceration in the entire movie. Ah, Roger Corman. Still the undisputed master.



A dino lazer light show is a dollar well spent.