When Naked CG Cherubs Attack And New Kung Fu Cyborg Trailer

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Robots in love (and doing Kung Fu), a new clip from Cold Souls, a look at a new kind of goo that can kill and an update Big Man Japan director's latest naked cherub movie, Symbol? Welcome to Cult.


The writer and director of Big Man Japan will be showing his latest work Symbol at the Toronto Film Festival, and Hitoshi Matsumoto's latest work really has me scratching my head with wonder. The latest teaser shows... well, I'm not really sure what, but some poor fella is obviously getting attack by tiny naked CG cherubs. I'm still not sure what to make of the dog reference. Creeeepy.

Here's the full synopsis... sounds like a trip:

In the central tale, a Japanese man (Matsumoto) wakes up alone in a brightly illuminated white room with no windows or doors. When he presses a mysteriously phallic protuberance that appears on one wall, a pink toothbrush materializes from nowhere, clattering to the floor and setting in motion a genuinely bizarre chain of events. Soon the imprisoned man is engaged in absurd and hilarious attempts to escape the gleaming room, releasing random objects from the walls, creating a life-sized Mouse Trap game in which a rope, a toilet plunger and an earthenware jug full of sushi might just be the keys to his escape.

Meanwhile, in a dusty town, a green-masked Mexican wrestler known as Escargot Man prepares for an important match. His family gathers around him, worried about his seeming impassivity before battle. As the nameless prisoner appears closer to escape and Escargot Man steps into the ring, Matsumoto amplifies the baffling yet suspenseful atmosphere to a crescendo of ridiculous excess.


Aaaah, a new evil, gooey bio-killer. Here's the trailer for small budget slick Bio-Slime, which is your basic alien species monster flick. A bunch of strangers are trapped in an isolated area and one by one they get picked off until one clever member devises a plan to get back at the beast... Check it out.


Kung Fu Cyborg:
The latest Kung Fu Cyborg trailer is out, offering more Kung Fu Robots, but also showing off the movie's love story a little bit more. I mean, it's not called "metallic attraction" for nothing. We need more robots in love that don't look like Wall-E and an ipod. Jeffrey Lau's latest work should be out within the month, we'll see how long it takes to reach little old me.

Cold Souls
The funny little flick about soul extraction, starring Paul Giamatti as himself, is getting a limited release in New York and LA on August 7th. So to celebrate, check out this new clip. The film follows the saddened actor who looks to release a little stress by removing his soul from his body. But when his soul is mistaken for Al Pacino's soul and swiped by the Russian mob, the actor is sent on a journey to reclaim what is rightfully his.


New Cold Souls Clip:

Cold Souls Trailer:




I.... cherubs... walls.... dogs... um...


Now I absolutely have to see the darn movie so I can figure out what's going on.

Do love the bit where he barks at the dogs though.