When the Twelfth Doctor meets Jo Grant, adorableness happens

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Former companion Katy Manning visited filming for Doctor Who's upcoming Christmas Special recently, and shared her encounter with Peter Capaldi on Twitter - and it might just be the most adorable thing to happen this weekend. D'aaw!


Manning played the ditzy UNIT operative Jo Grant from 1971 to 1973 alongside Pertwee's Third Doctor, before reappearing almost 40 years later in spinoff show The Sarah Jane Smith Adventures alongside the Eleventh Doctor. As you can see from her tweets, she seems to have equally loved meeting The Doctor's latest face in the TARDIS:


There's plenty of Pertwee inspiration in the Twelfth Doctor, as one of Peter Capaldi's childhood Doctors, but even fans were seeing it too in Manning's picture:


How sweet!

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so is she in the special or was this just a visit to the set? Cause these photos really make me wish she would come back as a character, they look like they'd have great on set chemistry!