When You Put a Megaphone in the Middle of New York City, People Will Say Nice Things

Yes, the megaphone was attached to a podium that said "Say Something Nice", but you half expect some New York jackass to hijack the megaphone and curse everybody out (maybe it was edited out!). But seriously, watching this will brighten up your Monday.

It was a stunt pulled by the lovely folks of Improv Everywhere: they wheeled a megaphone and podium into Union Square and just left it there. Once people noticed it, they jumped at the chance to address the crowd. My personal favorite: when the little boy says "To Infinity and Beyond".

Check out Improv Everywhere's website to see how they pulled it off, and how you can take part in future missions. [ImprovEverywhere]


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I want to watch it with a really intense, depressing movie score in the background and see how different it feels.