Where Will The Weird Alien Kid Strike Next?

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Since 2004, actor Cameron Bright has played four versions of the same freaky alien kid. You may remember him from Stargate, Ultraviolet, X-Men 3: The Last Stand, or The 4400. When a script calls for a "bizarre child with a powerful blank stare," he must be the only actor they phone up. Here are some highlights from his career as Weird Alien Kid.

  • Stargate: Bright played Orlin, an outcast "Ancient" (a humanoid race who claim to have started life in our galaxy, and now live on a higher plane of existence) who returns in the form of a human child. Apparently only a child's mind will allow him to keep the knowledge of the Ancients, but it slowly damages his brain and he can't remember anything. The best way he can show the onset of brain damage is: the blank stare.
  • Ultraviolet: This time, he's a biogenetically engineered clone who may or may not contain a cure for a hemophagia, which turns normal people into vampires. Supposedly he's a vegetative clone without the ability to speak, although we later find out that isn't the case. However, he does play up this vegetative state throughout the first half of the film, and you can guess how he does that.
  • X-Men: The Last Stand: this time Cameron plays a bald mutant who has the ability to cancel out mutant abilities in others. The government starts engineering a "cure" for mutants based on his DNA, and he spends most of his time staring at the wall or playing video games in a stark white cell.
  • The 4400: Bright played Graham Holt, who developed the ability to make others worship him like a god. People started to dress like him and throw themselves at him in a sort of bizarre David Koresh kind of way. The charismatic's weapon of choice appeared to be staring blankly at his followers.

Cameron doesn't have any science fiction film or television show appearances on the horizon, but you can never be sure where he'll pop up next. Just be sure to avert your eyes before his blank stare reaches you, or you'll be trapped like a deer in headlights.