Where Would You Put Your VR Rig?

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VR is a technology that has not had a chance to invade our homes quite yet. So while a bunch of companies are in the midst of designing VR products, no-one really knows where or how they would fit into the Average American Home™.


To try and get some information on how people would use a VR rig, gaming company (and designer of the HTC Vive) Valve put together a survey. It polled 2,008 internet people on where they’d put a VR set, and what they’d hook it up to.

Generally, most people have a gaming PC in their bedroom/living room, and they’re just planning to plug the VR headset straight into that. The average VR-ing space measures about 9ft x 9ft, which doesn’t actually give a lot of room to fight incoming robotic spiders.


In fairness, the sample is inherently biased: it’s only people who own gaming computers, and are interested in virtual reality; chances are, there will be some prospective VR owners among all the console gamers hiding in the woodwork, and they might dedicate an entire mancave to fighting imaginary dragons. So, let’s have a little survey of our own: where is a face-computer going to fit into your life?


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Greg the Mad

Plug it in my PC of course. If it can’t be used while sitting down, I’m not going to buy it. Only some few nutjobs will dedicate an entire room to VR, and even those probably will figure out that having a limited space to move around sucks over time. Best to never stand up to begin with.

The HTC Vive may only live up to it’s capabilities in dedicated gaming shops. The second coming of arcades.