Where's the Mac Mini? And Other Rumor Smashes!

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If Wired, TUAW and Macrumors are independently reporting a Mac Mini is on its way, we know it exists. Evidently, we're just not going to see it at Macworld. So what about other rumors?


From our original Macworld 2009 rumor roundup, here's the rundown on how all the rumors panned out.

Came True:
iLife and iWork '09 (with iWork in the cloud)
DRM-Free iTunes
17-inch Macbook Pro

Didn't Come True:
New Mac Mini
Updated 30-inch Cinema Displays


Didn't Come True Stretches:
iPod Touch Jumbo/XL/Pro/Netbook/Thing
iPhone nano
Home Server
Snow Leopard Availability
New iMacs


Seeing as many of the rumors were an admitted wild shot at best, we'd put the real rumor batting average around .400, even if it's closer to .266 on paper.


I think we need to change the "Steve LET Phil do the keynote" statements of a couple weeks ago to "Steve MADE Phil do the keynote." Obviously Steve's health isn't so hot, but I doubt he would have been thrilled with this keynote even in the best of health. Phil gets his coming out party, and has to announce some neat though mild software upgrades and a new-but-hardly-revolutionary Macbook update. D'oh.