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New Mac Mini at Macworld, Will Look Like iMac + Time Capsule

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

TUAW has the most complete description yet of the new Mac mini widely rumored/expected to launch at Macworld. It'll be topped with iMac-esque black plastic instead of white, and have a lip like Time Capsule.

The lip conceals the Mac mini's optical drive slot, which is useful now since TUAW says that the new drive will be SATA, meaning it can be swapped out for a second hard drive, probably as a custom build option. The second drive is boon to the business crowd that uses Mac minis in server farms (like this one), since it not only adds more storage, but makes RAID1 mirroring easy.


No other details on specs—we're pretty interested in what processor these things will be packing—though it's looking fairly certain (as certain as these things ever look, anyway) that they'll have Nvidia's GeForce 9400m chipset from the new MacBooks in tow.

We'll know in about a week, along with whatever other surprises Macworld has in store. What would you like to see in the new Mac mini, besides a Blu-ray drive? (Cause that's what everyone wants.) [TUAW]