New Mac Mini Will Use Nvidia Chipset (Helloooo Full HD Video)

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Buried in an OS X configuration file in the new MacBooks is a string referring to Nvidia's MCP79 (aka GeForce 9400m) chipset and unreleased models of the Mac mini and iMac, says MacRumors.


It's far from the first time an errant string of code has unintentionally revealed new Apple products in the pipeline, and it just makes sense. For one, it will push parity across their product line, so that everything has the same baseline level of (HD) video performance and foundation for GPU-accelerated applications. Also, one of the few concrete(ish) rumors about a new product at the Jobs-less Macworld is an updated Mac mini.


Obviously, a Mac mini that could roll with Full HD video without breaking a sweat would make a fairly compelling home theater machine. An HDMI port would be nice, but I guess we'll learn to love the dongle. [MacRumors]