Which Cheap Bottle-Top Wine Gadgets Will Provide You With The Tastiest Drink?

Our very own Wilson Rothman teamed up with his friends "Addison Richards, a certified sommelier and the wine director of the Wild Ginger restaurant in Seattle, and Noah Musler, an avid wine collector" to review some bottle-top wine accessories for the NYT's Diner's Journal. The article is well worth a read even if you're not ready to hop into #drunkmodo just yet. [NYT]



I was hoping to see a review on an inexpensive argon preservation system. Oxygen is probably an open bottle of wine's worst enemy. It is the oxidation process that turns wine into vinegar and it starts immediately after popping the cork.

The preservation systems that use argon inject the bottle with argon, which is 2.5 times heavier than regular air, creating a barrier that effectively keeps oxygen away from the exposed wine. Whereas you can probably only hold onto a bottle for a day or two after opening before it tastes like crap an argon system can keep the wine fresh for up to four days.

I just realized however that I never run into this problem as I finish any bottle that I open.