Americans have already spent an estimated $1 billion stockpiling beer for today's game. But who's drinking the most? This series of interactive maps by Esri tabulates crucial data for your Super Bowl Sunday, including which cities have hosted the most Super Bowls and where people are most likely to be spending their hard-earned cash on beer.

Since this is the first Super Bowl to be played outdoors in a cold weather city, the maps also feature live temperature feeds from the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area as well as the 10 coldest Super Bowls of all time for comparison. So far, the coldest game to be played outdoors was a downright chilly 39 degrees in New Orleans' Tulane Stadium in 1972. It will probably be warmer at Metlife Stadium today.


The beer map measures "market potential," or the likeliness that people in a certain county will buy beer. If the Super Bowl could be won by drinking alone, Seahawks fans would sweep Broncos fans: Seattle's King County scores 129 with Denver County at 101. [Esri]