Whip Up a Bewildering Nerdy Decor With This Giant Sword and Arcade Scented Candles

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Need scented candles, a giant foam sword, or a ringtone machine to annoy your buddies? Of course you don't but, you want 'em and ThninkGeek's spread for Toy Fair 2013's got you covered.

Among the sweet new digs are, bizarrely, a set of scented candles developed in conjunction with the kings of the game, Yankee. These don't smell gingerbread or whathaveyou, but focus on some geekier scents, specifically "Middle Earth," "Teen Spirit," "Space," and "Retro Arcade." While the first two smell a bit like grass clippings and classic Teen Spirit deodorant, respectively, Space and Arcade really bring the A-Game. Space, developed with actual help from NASA, has hints of what is apparently "Ozone" but also lavender so that it actually smells like something. And Retro Arcade smells like—no, not cigarette smoke and body odor—but popcorn and day-old spilled soda with a hint of a metallic fist-full-of-quarters edge. It's...intense. The smell equivalent of flashing lights and ringing bells. No word on pricing or availability, but they're bound to be wafting out soon.

On the other side of the spectrum from small, pungent candles, there's a giant, scentless foam sword. At five feet long, ThinkGeek's new Cosplay Titan Sword is a mammoth that harkens back to Final Fantasy VII and its ilk. Embedded with a bunch of LEDs and made mostly from foam, the sword is light enough to drag around but heavy enough to pack a punch. It even has a fiberglass support inside to insure that even at that crazy length, it doesn't droop. And when it comes time to drag it to your neighborhood LARPing party, it breaks into two pieces for easy transport. It's not in stock yet, but when it is, you can pick it up for a cool $70.


Last but not least, ThinkGeek's also rolling out an update to its classic Annoy-a-tron, that not only beeps, but issues one of six vaguely distant sounding ringtones to annoy your friends and drive your family even more insane. Including such classics as the old fashioned Nokia brick-phone ring and "man, it sure sounds like something is probably vibrating under a coat over there-ish" it's sure to make someone lose their mind. Not bad for 12 bucks, but you'll have to wait to April to get started.