White Castle Scented Candle: The Stink of Success

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If they can make a pine scented candle and a cinnamon scented candle and a country linen scented candle, you're damn well right they can make a candle that smells like Grade-D Holstein smothered in onion scraps. And they did!


The White Castle scented candle was created in honor of the 18th celebration of National Burger Month, and will set you back a mere ten bucks. The familiar White Castle packaging is actually a ceramic holder, and the candle itself smells like, well, a White Castle burger. Recommended for parties, or a quick breakup with your vegan girlfriend. [White Castle via The Awl]



I live no where near a white castle and have never even seen one or eaten at one in my life... In fact, the first time I heard of it was in harold and kumar go to white castle.

Is it any good?