Whitesboro Will Finally Change Its Racist Town Seal, Says The Daily Show

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Last night, The Daily Show aired a segment about the racist town seal in Whitesboro, New York. It’s about as hilariously offensive as you’d imagine. But spoiler alert: Whitesboro told The Daily Show this week that it’s changing the seal after all.


As we reported last week, the residents voted 157-55 to keep using the seal depicting a physical struggle between a white man and a Native American. Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams has been following the story for weeks and may or may not be responsible for the recent flurry of media attention around the seal. Then again, the image of a white man choking a native on the seal of a town called Whitesboro was bound to go viral at some point.

Williams spoke to town mayor Patrick O’Connor about the history of the seal. “[Founder] Hugh White was invited to engage in a friendly wrestling match,” said O’Connor. Williams pointed out how the original seal looked less violent but was changed in 1977 to the current, more murdery one. “This one looks like a sensual embrace between two powerful men,” said Williams about the original seal, “whereas [the new one] definitely looks like attempted murder.”

The Whitesboro mayor called Williams yesterday morning to tell her that the town would change the seal. No word on what the new one will be. Hopefully, it won’t be so racist.

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Score another one for ignorant people who have no respect for history, Idiocracy here we come. This seal was not racist... but people who view the world with racist eyes who can’t be bothered learning about the History of the town view it as such... because they are dumb.