Cable news is typically a spewing valve of yelling heads in strategically fair and balanced suits screaming franken-words that sound intelligent but really only exist to make your blood curdle and/or ooze out of your ears. A lot of people hate that. I don't because they're all freaking hilarious when it comes to using technology. Seriously, it's pure comedic gold and half the reason I watch. And the best night to see really smart people struggle with really ridiculous technology is Election Night. Which is, um, right now.

So if you see any network talking head get a little out of his or her element with touchscreens and holograms, let us know below. If you see any ridiculous or goofy uses of technology, drop a holler or an image or a gif. We might all see politics differently but we can all laugh at people who follow politics for a living together. United. We. Stand.


Let's get crazy.