Who Is Keeping Arnold From Fulfilling His Robot Destiny?

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McG addressed the Schwarzenegger cameo controversy, only to smash our dreams and tell us all that right now, Arnold is not in the movie. Plus, check out the latest footage from the Terminator Salvation game.


So either McG is messing with us or right now Arnold seriously isn't in Terminator Salvation. In an interview with MTV, McG said point blank, "We don't know if Schwarzenegger is in the movie or not; it's not clear. I can say that." He then went on to call the Arnold wrangling "a complicated, delicate balance."

He even dismissed Terry Crews' confirmation that Arnold is indeed in the flick.

But McG has said that some version of Arnie's T-800 will be in the movie one way or another, so I'm not sure what to think but I'm guessing that they are haggling over a voice over for some sort of robot like face that may or may have Arnold's likeness. I hope there isn't some adviser out there, instructing Arnie to stay away from this flick. It's a recession, and it's his job as California governor to boost our morale and our economic spending, the best way he can - with action movies and Terminator cameos. No one has forgotten that Arnold was the Terminator. In fact, that whole shtick probably helped him get elected in some marketing way or another. Get out of the way of progress.

McG also touched on Linda Hamilton's voiceover in the MTV interview, explaining that

Everyone knows she instructed her son how to survive and how to fulfill his destiny via audio tapes. There is a great deal of listening done to those audio tapes done in hope of guidance. There's some scenes with Christian being inspired by the character Linda played.

In other bloody robot news, there is a new a new Terminator video game trailer stuffed with resistance goodness. Listen to the human army call out for help, blow up some bots, and hug it out.




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