Illustration for article titled Who Knew Selling Super Strong Rat Poison 60 Times More Powerful Than Generic Rat Poison Was a Bad Thing?

New York City is littered with filthy rats and it's not unreasonable to want to kill 'em all with poison. Too bad it's going to be a lot harder to do that because sellers of the best rat poison—61 times more powerful than normal—have been arrested in a sting operation.


Apparently New York's Chinatown is where you could land the good poison—it comes in a yellow package with Chinese characters and a tagline of "The Cat Be Unemployed". Inside is a vial of blue-green liquid loaded with extremely toxic chemicals like brodifacoum, which is 61 times more powerful than the legal limit and so dangerous that it can kill a small child. In fact, one woman who accidentally took the Chinese Powered Rat Poison ended up losing two-thirds of her blood volume (brodifacoum kills rats by making them bleed to death internally).

In all, 12 people were arrested and 6,000 vials were confiscated. Let the rats live, I guess. I mean, I totes understand the need to protect dumb citizens from themselves (and to protect curious children from eating stuff off the ground) but if I see a rat, I want to kill a rat. Sorry. [NY Times via Gothamist, Image Credit: Oleg Kozlov/Shutterstock]

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