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Who Needs a PSP When You Have A PalmPS2?

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From the maker of the PalmPSOne comes the PalmPS2, a hand-held version of Sony's last, greatest console. The PPS2 takes all the innards of a regular PS2 and mounts it into a "slim" case with a DVD drive an an LCD. Taking many, many man-hours to build—including a full day of sanding—this PPS2 can play every PS2 game you can play on your regular console. Best yet, the maker used as many PS2 parts as possible, truly making it a portable PS2.


Before you ask, it's one of a kind and unless you commission the guy, he probably won't make another one for you.

Project Page [PalmPS2]

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Cardiac Linfarction

"man, whats next, an an xbox360 laptop.....?"

Actually, there's already one out.