Who Would Make a Good Composer for the Upcoming Star Wars Movies?

The band from Jabba’s Palace. He had interesting taste, that one.
The band from Jabba’s Palace. He had interesting taste, that one.
Photo: Lucasfilm

We know two things for sure about Star Wars movies. First, there’s going to be a lot more of them. and second, John Williams won’t be composing the music for all of them.


According to some reports, Williams might not stick with the series beyond the (probable) wrap up of the Skywalker Saga in Episode IX. And even if he does stick around for a while yet, he probably won’t be doing music for every anthology film, side trilogy, and what-have-you that makes up the film’s ever-expanding universe. So let’s do a little thought experiment: who do you want to see compose the score to some Star Wars movies?

The sonic landscape of the films is so important, both in setting up the mood and feel of Star Wars itself, and in terms of creating a template for big blockbuster music in films to come. Filling Williams’ shoes is a heck of a challenge, and I frankly don’t think imitating him will work. A new composer, with their own style and creative goals, can bring something exciting and different to Star Wars, building out its sonic world in ways that Williams never would have.

I’d love to hear your recommendations. Here are a couple of mine:

  • Harry Gregson-Williams. Gregson-Williams hasn’t done a whole lot of big budget film work lately, though he’s had a decorated career that includes one of my favorite videogame themes of all time. His work is subtle and rich and, forgive the cliche, epic.
  • Ryuichi Sakomoto. Sakomoto is my dark horse pick—a brilliant Japanese composer with a long, complicated career making music in a wide variety of styles, from film soundtracks to award-winning experimental electronic music. To soundtrack a mysterious journey into the Unknown Regions, or to take the franchise somewhere it’s never gone before, Sakomoto would do a stunning job.

What about y’all? Who could make a Star Wars movie sound the way you want it to sound? Let me know, and share some good tracks while you’re at it!

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I thought Giacchino did a pretty good job with Rogue One.