Why App Store Apps Now Say "Get" Instead of "Free"

Peruse the digital wares of the OSX or iOS stores, and you might notice a peculiar change: All of the apps previously labeled as "free" now say "get." It's a pretty small change that has no real impact on us users. "Get" apps are still free, and the apps themselves haven't changed either. "Get" is just a more accurate description of your digital transaction.

The most transparent cause for this change? Apple doesn't want to get sued again. Over the summer, Apple had to settle with the FTC and a bunch of upset parents (among other people) who downloaded "free" apps only to be charged ridiculous sums via in-app purchases when kids got ahold of their smartphones.


As SlashGear points out, "Get" is also a solid marketing maneuver, which is more action-based rather than just describing the price of something. Either way, that doesn't mean in-app purchases are suddenly extinct. Instead, Apple just has a solid defense against future suits: Well, we never actually said it was free. [SlashGear]

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