Why Does This Crazy Router Look Like a Wind Turbine?

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The Japanese company Logitec, not the same company as Logitech mind you, is releasing this crazy router called LAN-WH450N/GR that has an antenna that looks like wind turbine blades. What the hell? The three antenna design supposedly lets the 802.11n router hit network speeds of 450Mbps.

Yeah, whatever Logi-no h-tec, I ain't buying it. So why did they release such a thing? Some theories:

• One is better than none, two is better than one, three is better than two. No one counts to four.
• It'll ideally be placed next to a window to generate power for itself
• It's a quadrocopter missing a limb
• It can be used as the claw
• I scratch your back, you scratch my back, router scratches all our backs
• It probably makes for a good iPad stand!
• Their router looks like the PS3 fat and they needed something to throw Sony Legal off their trail.
• Logitec just needs to make crazy shit so people don't get 'em confused with the Logitech everyone already knows.


Or maybe it does exactly what Logitec says it does and is completely necessary. Who really knows! $230 or ¥19,000. [Logitec via Oh Gizmo]

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Question: Who actually has an internet connection that actually goes that fast? I don't mean speedtest.net tests, but actual real world speed tests. (BitTorrent is a decently accurate way of measuring speed)


If any of you assholes actually have speeds that high, I will personally track you down and do a series of magical things with your fiber optic cables to lower it down to a humble 1MB/s.