Why Doesn't [BLANK] Have an App?

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It's 2013. Apple's App Store just turned 5 and Google Play (aka Android Market) is also turning five this October. And for better or worse, we're all chained to our mobile devices. The internet is literally at our fingertips!

But not every company or service has jumped on the app bandwagon. Off the top of my head here are a few glaring omissions from both the App Store and Google Play stores.

Virgin America: It's the coolest domestic airline around and since launching in 2007, the award-winning service is still without an app. It only just launched a mobile site sometime this year, too. Even a shell app would suffice even though the mobile web site is less than desirable.


US Airways: Say what you will about US Airways but it consistently ranks as one of the best domestic airlines with a relatively high on-time arrival percentage. Again, it's been five years since apps as we know them have been a thing. Update: Looks like the wait is almost over.

Craigslist: Who wouldn't want an official app for Craigslist? Who? Show yourselves. The faux apps just aren't cutting it.

What other services do you wish had mobile apps?

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