If I saw this girl walking by on the street, I'd be perplexed, too. I like it. But turns out it's all part of a viral marketing campaign by Hearst Corporation to get you to buy... Cosmo for Guys? Ugh!


The whole idea is, if you're a guy brave enough to touch her iPad head, you'll be able to get inside it. To read articles on how to tell if she cheats. Right. Is anyone else uncomfortable about that? The helmet is made out of four iPads that plays video of each side of her head. As for the lady inside, she gets a live feed of her surroundings streamed to her glasses inside the headgear.

While this is pretty inventive and all—thanks, Thinkmodo—, I still don't see why you'd ever even want this app. [The Next Web via 9 to 5 Mac]

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