Why Is There a Limit to Human Strength?

Want to be swole as hell? You can bulk up all you want, but once you get to a certain point, muscle growth is out of your hands. ASAP Science explains that our level of strength is basically pre-determined by our genetics.


Our muscles are under the watchful eye of a protein called myostatin, which governs exactly how big your guns can get. Everyone has a muscle size limit, and everyone's is different. But have you ever seen a person or an animal that's just naturally ripped? It could be because they lack a part of a gene called GDF-8, which is responsible for myostatin creation. No GDF-8 means no myostatin, which means no muscle limit and potentially biceps as big as a baby. But how do you know how much or how little myostatin you have? Pick up some dumbells and start lifting. [ASAP Science]



There are a few humans (Like, single digits) alive whose myostatin production is defective, and produce ZERO myostatin...

The oldest known myostatin-deficient person is 9 years old, so no ideas the long-term ramifications, but... yeah, imagine being permanently in bodybuilder shape without working out a day in your life, and eating whatever you wanted....