Why New Phones Are Just Like New Girlfriends

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When you get in a new relationship, things start out amazing. You discover new things together. You expand your horizons. You spend as much time as you can together. You love to hold them. It's all very exciting! But am I talking about a new relationship with a person... or a phone? CollegeHumor poked fun at how our feelings toward gadgets are exactly like how we are with people.


Maybe I'm just a cranky jaded soul now but that new gadget smell is harder and harder to find these days. I remember once upon a time randomly stroking my phone in the middle of the night just because it felt good (yeah I know what I said). Now when I get something new, it's nice for a day and I forget about it. Will I ever find true love? [CollegeHumor]



As a car guy, I have been told that I talk about my past cars as if they were ex girlfriends.

To a lesser extent, I guess that's true with phones. My OG Droid comes to mind...