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After Toshiba dropped their SED displays for CES '07, most of us were wondering whether SED was going to be super-delayed or just vaporware. Toshiba's president, however, sheds some light on why they've bumped the upcoming technology from CES.


Atsutoshi Nishida says SED is planned for a fall 2007 release, but only in small numbers and focused at "professional users". This means it's going to be a "limited, pricey, high-end product", which isn't "competitive against the LCD TV". To us, that says it's going to be a couple years before SED drops to be competitive in a price to performance ratio to match LCDs and plasmas. Time to put our SED dreams in the same place we put our dreams of canoodling with Catherine Zeta Jones.

Tech On [via SED TV Reviews - Thanks mvab10!]