Why Snail Mail Should Just Die Already

You'd think the UK government would be able to at least afford A4 paper for its printers, considering the amount we pay in taxes. But according to The Telegraph, the HMRC forgot to order enough paper to print tax reminders.

I know, you're thinking what's so bad about not getting a tax reminder. And I'd agree if that meant you got a special tax exemption! But these people are going to have to pay anyway—albeit with an extra 30 days to do so—and now they're suddenly stuck for payment that they didn't see coming.

You know what you can never forget to order enough of? Emails. SMS notifications. Both of which would save the HMRC a good bit of dosh which would in turn (gasp!) mean they wouldn't need as much tax revenue in the first place. [The Telegraph]

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I wholeheartedly disagree. Not only from the myriad of official capacities that snail mail plays, but also from the fact that the economy is still not doing so hot here in the US, and if you abolish USPS, you'll be putting a VERY HIGH number of people out of work. And something that you may not realize about the Postal Service, is that it's VERY HARD to get a job there (in some areas). So because of that there are a high number of "lifers", men and women who have been working there for quite awhile and been out of the job market. Now, if we were to just have it be shut off, all of those people (some of whom are very close to retirement) would be shoved unceremoniously into looking for new jobs that probably won't match up with the skills they have acquired at USPS.

Some of you may not think this is any different from any other large company going belly up (like how borders recently did), but the biggest difference is that there is one of these "businesses" in EVERY COUNTY of the USA, if not close to EVERY CITY. This would be disastrous for the people who work there, and beyond leaving the public in the lurch as to what to do without the ability to mail parcels and letters, it would severely affect our unemployment numbers. I have a personal stake in the USPS, as one of my good friends is a mail carrier at one of our local branches, so I'll make that discosure. But from what I've heard from him about the "behind the scenes" at the post office, is the following:

- Tax dollars do not pay for USPS anymore. Just so that argument is known to no longer hold weight.

- The Junk Mail is what makes the USPS their extra income (outside of stamps and services).

- The unions solve but also cause a bit of distress about the job, causing conflicts. Some less scrupulous employees also abuse union services occasionally.

- Strict rules on what kind of equipment and where it can be bought cause issues if the prices of US made goods go up, as they can only be bought if "Made in the USA".

- Their healthcare, while good, is also notoriously nitpicked by the USPS management leading to health issues multiplying when they fear reprisal of trying to take care of things the first time.

- The Postmaster General is someone who is chosen by the Government, and usually has no prior experience with the USPS, which is a huge mistake as unrealistic goals are often set, and poor business decisions are made not knowing the capabilities of the Post Offices, or how their internal workings operate.

Anyway, I'm upset at the problems that are beginning to take root because of mismanagement, and fearful that my friend will lose the job he's held for 16 years. He's a hard worker and whereas I know that technology accelerates at a growing rate, there is still need for the USPS. In my opinion, bail outs should not be given to car manufacturers giving themselves bonuses, but to help save institutions like this that are still integral to our infrastructure.