Why You Should Turn Off Your Cellphones In A Courtroom

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A judge got so pissed when an elderly woman's cell went off that he stepped down from his seat, ordered her to hand the phone over, and chucked it out into the hall. The phone was, of course, broken when the woman went to go get it. After that, the judge wanted the deputies to confiscate all cellphones in the room.

I mean sure, you may get pissed that cellphones are going off, but if you're a judge, you probably shouldn't be acting like a jerk on the job. Best of all was his non-apology after the incident. "I regret that I had to take such severe measures." That's pretty much telling a guy you punched "I'm sorry your face got in the way of my fist."


Judge shows just how much he hates cell phones [CNET]

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