Why You'd Want To Go On A One-Way Trip To Mars

Mars One is the program that's planning on sending four humans on a one-way trip to Mars to establish a human colony. Applications are in, a shortlist has been made, and all that's left to do is um fly to Mars, build a colony, and die a lonely death among the stars. The Guardian has asked a few of the colonist hopefuls why they want to go.

In this ten-minute documentary, cheerfully titled 'If I die on Mars', Guardian Docs is looking to tackle some of the less scientific questions. For example, whether they'll be sad to abandon their friends and family on Earth, how they'll live without sex, and —perhaps most pertinently — whether everyone who applied for this suicide mission is, by definition, crazy. [Guardian via Engadget]

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These people will die lonely, boring deaths for nothing. I hope their time in the analogue outpost changes all of their minds. My fear is that the analogue outposts will inadequately simulate the boredom and the isolation they will face on mars. I hope their fake space helmets have color filters so they are exposed to the significantly reduced color variety. I hope every spec of vegetation or animal life is scoured from the vicinity of the outposts.

Anyone who would rather live in a bubble on mars than on earth is, if nothing else, lacking the ability to accurately imagine what it's going to be like.

A sane person would rather live in bubble in the ocean, or in Antarctica, or even in prison than live on Mars. It's not because the rest of us are lacking in a spirit of adventure, it's because these Mars One wackos are missing part of their brain.

Don't take this seriously and let these people sacrifice their sanity for your sci-fi fantasies.