Meet the people who would leave Earth and take a one-way trip to Mars

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Mars One, the program that is planning to create a human settlement on Mars by 2024, has received over 200,000 applications of Earthlings who are interested in leaving their home planet forever by taking a one-way ticket to Mars. This short documentary examines a few of those people's motivation to leave everything behind.


One person has a family, another has a boyfriend and some just see no reason to stay here. All of them dream about the red planet though they have different reasons as to why they want to go. The doc, which was made by VITA BREVIS FILMS, gives an interesting look at people who are ready to give everything up and start over in the unknown. It's commendable but a little sad too.

Image Credit: HI-SEAS by Angelo Vermeulen

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First off, these people don't get to choose themselves for a mission to Mars, some organization that has some kind of vision must make the choice.

What bothers me is the one way notion. It sounds like Zubrin is involved with this, he wants his Mars mission now and if that means costs and engineering talent dictate its one way, well thats just fine with him. Its wrong and the product of someone who has a mental disorder, part of that disorder is to gather others who are vulnerable to this dumb vision.

I have a different vision. No one should ever contemplate a one way trip to any celestial body, ever. Humanity, civilized humanity, looks for great things, majestic things not just touch downs and blast offs. There is no NEED to get to Mars just to get to Mars and say we did it, oh, and, the folks that did it, they died there because we planed not to bring them back. This defining death down is uncivilized and representative of the worst of humanity.

A mission to Mars can only be both ways, death as the final moment in such a mission is a mission to death, not a point of celebration for all of humanity.

We need our heroes to be with us, to be here on Earth, we need to embrace them, to call them by their name to their face, we need to see them move through their lives with us, not as separate from us and alone far far away. A mission to death is a perverted twist on what the whole exploration thing is all about. Exploration is an expansive exercise it adds to our world, its not something that chops off a vital limb from the body of humanity and then claims that was necessary. In time we will move through this solar system at will, and we can go home at will, because thats where we live, that is where our life is, no matter where we take that life between birth and death. We either value this thing called life, the building block of civilization or we don't, if most of us don't mind the notion of a one way mission to Mars, space flight is the least of our problems.