Wi-Fi Finding Laptop Bags Make Complete Sense

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There are a lot of Wi-Fi finders out there, including a Wi-Fi finding shirt, but few are as practical as a finder embedded in a laptop bag. After all, not having to pull your laptop out of the bag to look for a signal is a great time saver when you are hopping around town looking for some freebie bandwidth.The "Wifinder" lineup of laptop bags from Soyntec offer four different styles to choose from, ranging from €43 (about $62) to €43 (about $101). [Product Page via le Journal du Geek via GeekAlerts]

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Wow! That's a smart idea.

It would be even better if it were on the top edge, so you could just look down at it.

"€43 (about $62) to €43 (about $101)"

You know the dollar is dropping like a rock when it devalues this much in the space of a few words.