Wi-Fire Wi-Fi Booster Tested (Verdict: Almost a 5x Boost)

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The 1000-foot range and 3x signal boost hField Technologies claimed for their Wi-Fire signal boosters seemed like spec inflation, but Macenstein took precious time away from taking pictures of bikini ladies and tested it out. Their findings? An almost 5x boost. They would have hit the 1000-foot range as well if it weren't for line-of-sight issues, but they did find the clip on the Wi-Fire directional antenna to be all but worthless. All in all, a pretty great buy for $79 if your Wi-Fi streaming video looks more like a slideshow. [Wi-Fire via Macenstein - Thanks Mike!]




my pc experience with this thing has been awful... the results are pathetic...

the improvement made a previously unreachable signal, now a 5% signal... but if i walk another 20 ft closer to the source (and dont use wifire) i can get a 90% signal... id hoped the wifire would help make up that 20ft gap... not so...

used it in boston on copley and could not get a single free signal over 10%...