WID101 Makes Monitors Wireless

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This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

You've got a wireless keyboard, wireless mouse and wireless speakers, so why are you still connecting to your monitor with a cable? What are you, some kind of luddite? You need a wireless monitor connector, like the new WID101 from Teq Gear. This device connects the DVI port on your PC to the one on your monitor over an encrypted 802.11 a. g or b network, squishing the video data down to fit. It'll run at resolutions up to WXGA (1366 by 768 pixels; good enough for a 17-inch LCD screen) and will set you back $995.


WID101 [TeqGear]

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May I make a suggestion?

I just bought the "Accurian HPL Amplified Speaker System" from Radio Shack. . It is a pair of speakers that connects to a wall outlet and then to a small box connected to another wall outlet in another room perhaps. You then connect either speaker wire or rca audio to this "Transmitter" box. The speaker has a receiver inside. They also sold a receiver separately that you can connect to via the audio out. It uses digital information transfer. The quality is Fantastic. Unfortunately this item has been discontinued, but fortunately for me the price was knocked down to $30 from $250. Maybe the idea was too simple to catch on?


My question is has anyone in the field ever considered using this thru the outlet technology for anything else like HDMI? This may lead to PC's in one room connecting to displays in another for Home Entertainment purposes.

This outlet connection has been used for Telephones for a few years now. Each household has its own dedicated electrical circuit already in the walls, why not piggyback on it then limit the wires to ONE!!!