Here's an updated version of the old Owltech keyboard organizer we saw here long ago, and this one's the backlit myKeyO Palmrest Multimedia Keyboard Organizer, available in your choice of wired or wireless models. Its claim to fame is its ability to stash lots of stuff in its base, which the company says only increases the thickness of the keyboard by a tenth of an inch.


In addition to its improved design with its backlighting, scroll wheel and volume wheel, the added palm rest area gives you more storage inside, too. The company will soon begin taking orders for Fall delivery, with the USB corded unit selling for $34.95. The wireless model, which also includes an optical rechargeable mouse, will be $49.95. The words "wireless" and "backlit" don't seem to go together well (think worn-out batteries after a week or so), but we'll see.

Product Page [myKeyO]