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Nothing is more annoying than plopping down in a coffee shop with your laptop and trying to connect to the WiFi only to be told that you need to pay some ridiculous amount like $9.99 to use it for 24 hours. I'm buying your overpriced coffee, the least you could do is let me use your WiFi without gouging me for a quarter of what I pay per month at home.

Well, this WiFi Liberator has cheapskates like me in mind. The sneaky device is designed to "liberate" pay-per-use wireless networks, hijacking the signal and distributing it for all to enjoy. It even has a built-in moochproofer, forcing anyone who uses it to share their access with those around them. Sounds great to me, who cares if its legality is clearly dubious? Bring on the WiFi Liberator!


Coin Operated [via We Make Money Not Art]