Wii: Coming To Theatres Soon

Craving some Wii Sports on a 344' screen, programmer Jon Peck and a movie theater manager buddy set up the Wii on the ultimate big screen. Instead of laying down hundreds of feet of cable, Peck created his own sensor bar using LEDs. Apparently they not only worked perfectly, but were functional from several rows back.

And the rest is YouTube history.

Wii-Diculous [via kotaku]

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Wow... I can't believe they didn't throw the Wiimotes through the screen. I mean.. isnt that happening to everyone? (seriously... I can't stand those lawsuits, they make my blood boil)

Back on track though.. thats awesome! Im totally jealous and would love to play in an environment like that. I'll be honest though... Wii sports does not look that entertaining to me. I'd like to see that set up with a FPS or something. Thats just me though. ;)