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Wii Emulator Shows Off Some Super-Widescreen Viewpoints

Illustration for article titled Wii Emulator Shows Off Some Super-Widescreen Viewpoints

This is what Super Smash Bros. Brawl looks like at a super-widescreen resolution, when using Dolphin, a Wii emulator on a PC. It's so wide, you can barely make it out when shrunk down to fit Gizmodo's image constraints.


The emulator allows for some astonishing viewpoint trickery, with the screenshots posted to the Dolphin forums coming in at 1920 pixels wide, and only a few high. Pretty neat stuff, if you ask me—but shame they can't be used for desktop wallpaper. [Dolphin via GoNintendo via Kotaku]

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Now why's it called Dolphin? If anything it should be called Revolution... Dolphin was the codename for the Gamecube, so it'd make more send if that was the name for a GC emulator.