Wii MotionPlus Demoed for Tiger Woods 10, Looking Solid

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EA has said that Wii MotionPlus will put an end to lazy, couch/wrist Wiimote gaming. This clip demonstrates why.

Watch how MotionPlus matches movement 1:1 between the real golf swing and Tiger's golf swing. The swing itself is still on a track (it doesn't appear, for instance, that you could make Tiger swing the club like a baseball bat). But our guess is that's a choice EA has made to keep the game's learning curve low.


Plus, the game does acknowledge a slight twist of the wrist to draw or fade with "100%" responsiveness, making this EA video the first time we remember any function related to the Wiimote promising "100%" of anything. Now with the control situation sorted, I can finally return to wishing the Wii had the graphical power of the Xbox 360. [Joystiq via CrunchGear]