Wii MotionPlus Demonstrated in 3D, Jedi Drone Training is GO

AiLive, the company that collaborated with Nintendo on the MotionPlus controller add-on, has released a video demonstrating the full capabilities of the new hardware with a set of 3D tools called LiveMove2. An obvious but effective rendering of the controller shows that the touted 1:1 tracking is, in fact, 1:1 and that the response time is almost instant. They've also had some fun with the software, mapping a lightsaber to the Wiimote to fight off physics-enabled Seeker Drones (which caused our own Adrian Covert to "make a mess in his pants"). To top it all off, the "Snap-to-fit" technology can map incredibly complex motions to more specific commands, recognizing everything from throwing a lasso to specific sword slashes.

LiveMove2 is a toolset for developers intended to simplify the process of including the Wiimote's new live tracking abilities in new titles. If these test samples are any indication, there are a great deal of possibilities here. We've already told you that the MotionPlus add-on is too expensive (though fantastic), but watching this guy swing a perfectly synchronized digital sword at a helpless ragdoll and ping drones across the room makes the exorbitant price tag hurt just a little less. [AiLive]



Uh... that didn't really look 1-1 at all when he used the lightsaber. I mean, the saber just stuck there at a point, while he was flinging his arm wildly.

I didn't get a Wii, but I assumed it already WAS 1-1. The fact that it wasn't, and that this "improvement" which everyone is drooling over STILL looks like it sucks... well, it makes me glad I didn't drop any money on it.

I couldn't be the only one to notice that.

Also, you can't have lightsaber duels, even if it was 1-1 perfect control. In real life a sword/saber would stop when hitting another sword/saber. In this, your arm will keep going, screwing up the positioning of your hand (which is moving) in relation to the sword on screen (which is stopped, against the opponent's blocking sword).