Wii Nunchuk Hacked for 3D Animation

We've seem more than our fair share of fascinating Wiimote mods, but few involve the Wiimote's faithful, platonic sidekick, the Nunchuk. So one modder took the Nunchuk, hooked it up to his computer, converted the MIDI signal and piped the information into 3D Studio Max. The result is realtime, 3D motion capture of a quasi-phallic CG object. And when it's all said and done, who can really ask for anything more than that? [via Hack-a-Day]


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Thanks Giz

More infos on my blog : [play-collective.net]

The aim of this experiment wasn't to use the WiiChuck itself, but to be able to send datas from the Arduino to 3D Studio Max. I could have used a potentiometer but, hey, isn't it cooler like that ? ^^

Now that I know it works, I know I can go much further... Still have to find a use for it, though ^^

@James : yep, I used the MIDI type for this, as it's almost impossible to have a HID-looking device from the arduino (at the time being)

@nEmmY : yep, the alt key, too bad... but well, 2 years of intensive use ^^

@JEmlay & dnA : In fact, it can be a loot faster, but I have to do a lot of conversions between different softwares (more details on the link above). The day I shot the video, my computer was doing a background rendering, so it slowed the process a bit, but I was able to have it almost realtime.