Innovation of the WowWee Robosapien V2 robot continues to flourish, and now you can control this budding robot overlord with a Wii remote. In this seemingly endless preview video, watch just long enough to see the 3.x alpha version of Robodance open-source software linking the Wii to the little guy. In addition to letting you script routines for the robot, this version that will be released next month maps commands from the Robosapien's complex remote to the much easier-to-use Wiimote.


If you do end up watching most of the video, check out the cheesy script where the robot actually tickles Elmo. Sweet. Anyway, Robosapien's no Asimo, but he can do a lot for his $120ish price, and the Wiimote makes his antics nearly effortless to control and even more fun.

Next version of Robodance [Robodance]

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