WiigoBot: The Wii Bowling Lego Robot

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We have featured a whole lot of Lego and Wii crap around these parts, but this has to be the coolest. Using the Lego Mindstorms NXT, the bowling WiigoBot was created. It can also bowl a perfect game (by cheating). Hit the jump to see a video of the WiigoBot in action.


Be warned, the video is kind of long and very repetitive (it's a robot, what else did you expect?), but watching the first couple frames is kind of cool.

WiigoBot: The Perfect Game [BattleBricks]



Indeed, Sporkguy.

I think this robot was awesome, though. I'm sure my Lego loving friends will love this. O_<

By the way, if I have a Wii.(Which I probably will by tomorrow. O_<) I'll practice, and invite friends over to play... (Of course, eventually most of my friends will be replace with the ladies they brought over. O_<)

(So Big-daddy imagines) :P