Wiimote Hacked into Guitar for Mindbending, Accelerometer-based Effects

Hack a Day has a great video sent to them by a musician named Rob Morris, who uses the accelerometer data from his Wiimote to manipulate the sounds coming from his guitar. At the beginning of the vid, he shows how it can be used to change the pitch (using the Guitar Hero Star Power gesture), but then moves on to some crazier stuff, which involves using the actual Wiimote buttons to further distort notes and chords from the guitar, and it all sounds positively 8-bit. Morris says he uses a program called Max/MSP to send the Wiimote data to, then he sends that via MIDI to a whammy pedal which then manipulates the guitar noise. [Hack a Day]



Any chance you know if that's a legit band and if so what their name is? The music sounds amazing and I'd definitely be interested in seeing if there is more.